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Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 is the student's first introduction into school life and we aim to provide a firm foundation in the basic skills which will engender a rounded education whilst at the same time nurturing the student through their early learning experience. Our goal is to foster in the students an initial love of learning and exploring the world around them through the medium of structured play.


Kindergarten 2

The work carried out within Kindergarten 2 is a direct progression from the foundation work carried out in the previous year, expanding upon the ideas and concepts explored in the early years.
By the completion of kindergarten 2, the children will be able to achieve the following:


Kindergarten 3

Kindergarten 3 serves as the students introduction into the heart of school life with a more formalized and structured approach to the learning experience. The curriculum for this year forms the culmination of their years within the Dadi Early Learning Center.