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To provide a quality trilingual international education within a caring environment. To encourage independent thought and the life-long learning skills necessary to be successful members of the global community. To celebrate diversity, promote tolerance and foster understanding between people of all races and cultures.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to teach our children a range of disciplines within the scope of distinct themes or topics. The individual topics themselves are carefully chosen to reflect the interests of the students, to stimulate their imagination and therefore, facilitate the learning experience. Each topic contains elements of the core components of the curriculum with relevant focus on Communication, language and literacy, Mathematical Development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Personal, social and emotional development, Creative development and Physical Development. These elements are fused and integrated within the thematic approach to provide a holistic and student-centered development process.

In addition, we at Dadi Early Learning Center recognize the importance of heightening our students? cultural awareness, both to comprehend their place within the global community and their position within Thailand itself. The later aspect is covered within a distinct Thai studies element of the curriculum where the students gain the opportunity of discovering the uniqueness of Thai culture through learning the Thai language, customs and other aspects of socio-cultural relations.

Our school is a community of learners working together to draw meaning from our environment. We value our students’ curiosity and interests. Our teachers have the responsibility to provide experiences that will develop the skills students will need to answer their own questions. We aim to raise the awareness of the responsibility they genuinely share with educators in our community.